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2000. Millennium 2000 forint commemorative...

1000 forint banknote (2011)

500 HUF specimen banknote, 2013 (EA)

500 HUF specimen banknote, 2013 (EA)

Price: 20 €
Denomination: 500 Ft
Year of printing: 2013

The first 500 HUF specimen note of 2013 signed by dr. György Matolcsy,
governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (central bank of Hungary) and by
vice-governor dr. Ádám Balog.
Designer Károly Vagyóczky. The description and size of this specimen is
identital to that of the 500 forint banknotes in circulation.
EA serial, low numbered, bankfresh condition, overprinted with the letters "MINTA" (=specimen) in red.

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