World Money Fair, Berlin 2008

2008. february 15.

Photo report

Visitors at the booth of the Hungarian Mint

Coin Passport - Visitors received one circulation coin at each mint's booth into their mint passport, confirming their visit on WMF.

"People's Choice" award on the "Coin of the Year" ceremony - The People's Choice award - votes collected through the internet - for the 2006 issued coins was won by the 50 forint commemorative circulation coin of the National Bank of Hungary, devoted to the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian revolution. The award was handed over by Mr.David C. Harper from Krause Publication and received by Mr. Ferenc Gaál general director and Ms.Terez Horvath commercial director of the Hungarian Mint.

We are the official distributor of Hungarian collector coins and medals and also the mint of the legal tender of Hungary.