Art of collecting

For centuries, coins old and new are much sought after, both for their intrinsic value as well as their immortal beauty and historical significance. The best way for the new and eager hobbyist is to start with a single meaningful theme that you can relate to. The easiest and most economical way is to start with new coins of your country by dates, types and series. Later, you may diversify into regional or universal themes such as "crowns of the world", "world sports", "endangered animals", ancient or modern coins, etc.

Coin Care
As the old adage goes "Prevention is better than cure", so it is with caring for your coin collection. Learning how to prevent deterioration, and possibly to enhance the appearance and value of coins is important to any numismatist.

Don't Drop
Once dropped and dented, it is impossible to restore a coin to its original mint condition. Be safe by laying a soft towel underneath in case your coin drops during an examination.

Don't Slide
To avoid scratches, never slide a coin over a hard surface.

Don't Polish
Polishing with soft tissue or cloth can cause scratches on the coin's surface.

Don't Wash
Do not wash coins. An ultra dry environment is crucial to avoid verdigris (a green corrosive growth resulting from dampness)

Don't finger the coin's surface
Always hold the coin by its edge. Finger prints and their residual oil can blemish the original shine. Ideally, you should wear cotton gloves when handling the coin.

Housing Coins
Careful storage is very important. Mint condition coins are often encapsulated by the originating Mint to avoid damage to the coins. Care must be taken not to contaminate the coin if it needs to be removed from the capsule.

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