Production of bespoke medals

We undertake the striking of unique medals planned and designed for corporate anniversaries, outstanding events, or conferences to eternize special occasions. The bespoke product will be based on a graphic design, sketch, and description given by the Customer.

We can prepare graphic designs ourselves or commission our noted medal designers to do this for the Customer based on Your guidance.

Bespoke ordered medals can be made of precious or base metals in uncirculated, brilliant uncirculated (BU) or proof quality, patinated or even coloured. Medals can be plated on demand with base metal, nickel, silver, gold or can be electroplated. Plating grants the medal a special appearance and a longer life. Production of medals using a combination of any two or three metals is also possible. With regards to medal sizes, we can strike medals with a diameter of even 130 mm, but we are also open to produce medals with high relief.

Due to economic efficiency we suggest photograving or engraving for smaller quantities (under 10 pcs) or simpler designs, reliefs.

If you need only a small quantity for a high quality design or a larger diameter we can offer you bronze castings at a reasonable price - possibly even cheaper than the struck medals.

The production of bespoke products needs detailed prior consultations. We will calculate the exact prices after we consulted you about all relevant details. You can detail your demand by filling the form below.

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We are the official distributor of Hungarian collector coins and medals and also the mint of the legal tender of Hungary.