Engraving service is suggested to clients who want let made only one individual medal as a gift made by striking technology.

We offer on such demand our medals struck in advance with matt surface which are only patterned at the rim. Certain struck motifs (pattern, other design elements) present basis for the occasion they are most convenient. The matt surface as part of the design of the medal is suitable to engrave a great variety of individual text, legend, name, year date, etc. on demand. The engraved letters gleam out brightly from the matt surface.

Engraving can be made on certain medals among our products „Medals, other minted products”, at a price of 0,30 EUR/letter. This price refers to engraving of names, data or any text. Engraving of bigger sized numbers (thicker than 1 mm, 5-10 mm high numbers) merely (e.g. numbers referring to age) costs 0,60 EUR/character.

Price of the chosen medal excludes engraving costs! In case you buy and pay the medal for engraving at our webshop in advance online, engraving costs will be charged later.

Processing time of engraving takes approx. 5 working days from receipt of order.

Continuously available later engravable medals made by striking technology:

  • fine silver or silver plated medal with rim pattern (photo/text or text/text version, the matt surface within the rim pattern can either be engraved with text on both sides or a photo can be placed on one and text can be engraved on the other side.
  • silver medal for special occasions (motif of grape leaves on the obverse, the reverse is engravable)
  • birthday and name day fine silver medals (limited part of some motif’s matt surface can be engraved)
  • fine silver medal offered for graduation ceremony (surface on the reverse of the motif is engravable)
  • fine silver and base metal medals offered for the parade of graduating (limited surface within the struck motif evolved for such purposes is engravable)
  • horoscope medals according to the 12 signs of zodiac (three version of base metal medals – brass, silver-plated or brazen-plated – the whole matt surface of the reverse can be engraved)
  • silver medal for the occasion of retirement (certain part of the motif can be engraved)
  • fine silver medal for christening (limited surface within the struck motif can be engraved e.g. first name or date)
  • baby-medal (pop-out special brass medal as a part of the spectacular blister packed baby-set with cardboard folder consist of circulating coins) can be engraved on the matt surface of the back; it can be ordered with the legal tender set only, under coin sets and packed products
  • marriage medals (silver medal with three designs, both sides have a struck motif, where a part or the whole back can be engraved)
  • wedding anniversary silver or base metal medal (both sides of the medal have a struck motif, the number of the anniversary can be engraved afterwards)

You can write the wished engraving text in the column Remark at the end of the order procedure or by sending file upload form attached to the Request sheet you can find here, or you can transmit it even to the e-mail address referring to your purchase in the webshop.

Some medals are not only engravable but photos are applicable on them too and so intensify the uniqueness of the medal. You can find more information under Photograving.

Please note that with providing us the text to be engraved you express your consent to handle your related personal data. After finishing the engraving service on your medal, the text intended for engraving will be deleted.

Do you have any further questions? Do you have a request for medal engraving? Please use the form below.

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