Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


General Topics

  1. Why is recommended to register?

    Once you have created your account by registration, you can submit your order and advance-order online and you can participate in our monthly quiz game or cast your vote on the issues that are surveyed.  Only registered users can read our online newsletter, by requesting to receive it during the registration process. The system for payment by bank card can only be accessed by registered users, as well.

    Registration shall be done only once, later when you login to our homepage, your delivery address will be automatically used.

  2. How can I change my password or any other personal details?

    Your username is your e-mail address, which you used for your registration. Password will be generated by our website. After registration, you will get your password by e-mail. The password and any other data of you can be modified after login by „Data modification” located on the left side of the frontpage.
    If you forgot your password, you can obtain a one-time temporary password by clicking on „Forgot password” in e-mail, so you can log in to change your old password to a new one.

  3. Why couldn't you just send me my login data through e-mail?

    Your e-mai laddress and password identifies you in our system. If your password would be exposed to others, they could simply log in with your data and send orders or pre-order in place of you.
    Passwords are stored in a closed system, with strong encryption, so even our system administrators are unable to access them. If you happen to forgot your password, use the "Forgot password" link on the left side to get a one-time temporary password for you. This password is eligible for changing your login data only once.

  4. Why is it important to pay attention when entering my e-mail address?

    If you entered your e-mail address incorrectly or your inbox became full, we can’t send your password, without of which you won’t be allowed to login. Inaccurate e-mail address can be also the reason not to receive our confirmation of order or advance-order.

  5. How can I get back to the previous screen?

    You can get back to any of the previous screens by clicking on the „Back” button of the browser, which can be found on the upper track of the page.

  6. What does it mean, when a coin is marked with "In production”?

    "In production" means that the referred coin is only temporarily sold out, and as the max. mintage hasn’t been produced yet, the coin will be available at a later time, when new striking will be started. Please refer to our website for such items later.

  7. How are online orders fulfilled?

    Fulfilment of online orders can be followed in „Help”. Automated confirmation sent by e-mail will inform you on the content, the countervalue and the way of delivery of your order.

    Orders can be submitted two ways: you can either order by clicking on „Put in cart” located below the depiction and description of the coins, or by clicking on the product sub-categories in the pull-down menue for products. Under the detailed technical data you will find „Put in cart” or „Order with gift box”. The selected product will be placed into the cart. Each click on a certain product will result to put another piece of that product into the cart. Maximum 5 pieces of a product can be ordered by one ordering process. Further information please refer "Instructions" on the website.

  8. Can I pay by bank card?

    Yes, we accept bank cards through the K&H Bank Hungary’s encrypted transaction service online. Accepted cards are VISA Classic, Visa Electron and Eurocard/Mastercard. You can also pay by card at our coinshop when you are shopping in person. Accepted cards are:


  9. Who can receive the online ordered items in person?

    Either the ordering party himself may receive the ordered goods in person after the provision of the ordering party’s name and full address, or he may also authorise a third person to pick up the items. For orders which value is over HUF 50,000 a written authorisation is required. The authorisation should contain the necessary identifying information of the ordering party (name, address, order confirmation no.).

  10. Can I order by phone?

    We accept orders or advance-orders only in a written form. No phone-orders are accepted.

  11. When can I pick up the ordered and prepaid items?

    Please allow us three working days after you got our order-confirmation to prepare your order. Than you can pick up your goods at any time appropriate for you within the official working hours of our coinshop.

  12. How can I subscribe to the online newsletter of the Hungarian Mint?

    When you register for the first time, you will have the possibility to mark the box to receive the newsletter. Being already a registered user but missed to mark the newsletter box earlier, please follow the Data modification after login, where you can recover the subscription.

  13. What frequency do newsletters come out?

    Newsletters are published in case of actualities, and not periodically every month or week. Actually only Hungarian versions are available.

  14. How can I order engraving or photograving?

    In a written form, by use of the formular offered by the website under the sub-categories of the headline "WEBSHOP" „Engraving, photograving, vacuum-heating”, where an order form is available, by which you can send the text to be engraved and add the photo to be photograved on the required medal. Orders can also be submitted in person at our coinshop by filling the relevant formular. Required digital photos: min. 240 dpi, jpg format or paper-base photos can be scanned. The quality of the photograved picture can be affected by the the scanning results.

  15. Does Hungarian Mint buy back coins, medals or any other products?

    We redeem the collector coins being legal tender of Hungary to circulation coins and notes at their face value, pending on their condition (i.e. at least the face value should be identified).

    No other buying back activity is carried out by the Mint, except the repurchase of the investment gold bars produced by the Hungarian Mint. The repurchase of the investment gold bars will be effected upon the LBMA PM fixing prior to the day of repurchase quoted in US dollars and changed upon the changing rate of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank fixed on the day of the repurchase into HUF. Investment gold products of the mint suitable for reselling will be bought back at a price calculated above minus 10 per cent. The price of defected products will be reduced by 20 per cent after controlled their weight by measuring.

  16. What is JavaScript?

    The JavaScript programming language is an object-oriented scripting language, which is widely used on Webpages. JavaScript was fist standardised in 1997-1999 under the name “ECMAScript”. The currently valid standard is ECMA-262 Edition 3 (1999 December), which is equivalent to JavaScript 1.5. The standard is also an ISO standard.

    On our homepage, certain function operate by running JavaScript and thus it is necessary to set JavaScript to ‘enabled’ in your browser if this has been previously turned off.

  17. How can I check whether JavaScript is on in my browser?

    Internet Explorer 8+:
    Click to "Tools" menu's "Internet Settings". In the window popping up, select "Security" tab, where you should click "Security zone Settings", where you can find a button named "User level". If you click on this button, a new popup window appears, where you can select "Active Scripting" in the list. If "Active Scripting" is "enabled" here, then your browser can use JavaScript.

    Firefox 3+
    Select "Settings" in "Tools" menu, then select "Content" tab in the window. If "enable JavaScript" is checked here, then you'll be fine, as your browser can use it.

    In case you're not able to see or change your browser's settings, please try this simple browser-check page.

  18. How can I turn on JavaScript in my browser?

    Internet Explorer 8+:
    Click on "Tools > Internet Settings". In the window popping up, select "Security" tab, where you should click "Security zone Settings", where you can find a button named "User level". If you click on this button, a new popup window appears, where you can select "Active Scripting" in the list. Set "Active Scripting"to "enabled" if you wish to use JavaScript and the n hit "Ok" to save the changes.

    Firefox 3+
    Select "Settings" in "Tools" menu, then select "Content" tab in the window. Check "enable JavaScript" here, then press "Ok" to save the changes.

  19. I can’t put the needed quantity into my cart!

    If you can’t choose the required number when you are ordering, the requested item is either no more available or there is less than 5 pieces available. This does not mean however that the requested item became totally sold out, it is also possible, that just the stock of our webshop run out. This case, please refer to our webshop at a later time and try to order the needed item again, or get in contact with us by e-mail.

  20. The unit price is 0 either in the cart or at the product page. What is this?

    If you see a 0 for unit price, then you're facing an error. Please contact us to correct this error!

  21. How can I use the search field?

    Please type the sought word(s) into the search field at top right corner of the site, and hit enter. You may then narrow your search by choosing the proper topic at the Search results page.

  22. Why did I got back to the home page after clicking on the search button?

    If you clicked on the search button without any keywords to be sought, you'll be taken back to our home page. For a list of results, please type in some keywords and then click on the button!

  23. I searched for "Erkel gold" and I would like to save the results. Is it possible?

    Yes, you can save the URL of the result list, which makes you possible to repeat the same search later at any time whenever you want.

  24. What's this new "control panel" at the product list pages?

    The new product filtering panel helps you find your desired products while you are browsing the product pages.

  25. How can I enjoy the loyalty discount programme?

    Please click here for details!

  26. What are "Bundles" and what benefits can I gain through them?

    Bundle offers are giving you an opportunity to assemble your own gift packs by selecting the desired product(s) from the given list into the bundle's giftbox. Moreover, we are making this more irresistible by giving you a special discount on these products! Note: The customer loyalty discount does not apply to bundles, but it's values contributes to your total shoppings amount, the calculating base of loyalty discount. Give it a try!

Questions Related to Advance Orders

  1. What does advance order mean and how can I get any information on it?

    You can send your advance order for the forthcoming new issues of the year after online from the website. Only registered users can submit their advance orders when this possibility is offered. During the advance ordering period, the order forms are available in a paper-format at our coinshop, as well.

    You can get information on the availability of advance ordering from our online newsletter or directly from our website. Advance-orders should be renewed each year for the next new issues.

  2. How does advance ordering work?

    When advance ordering is offered, you will find a relevant information on the front page of the website. By clicking on this information, you will get into the advance ordering page where you can choose the required items by giving the quantity. After choosing the items, you have to login with your username and password.
    If you don’t have your password and user name yet, after choosing the items, you have to click on the line marked red „I don’t have any username”. Parallelly with the registration of your advance ordered items, you will receive your username and password, by e-mail. For any future online transaction you can use this username and password, without any further need to give your personal details.
    Your advance order will be registered „as arrived into our system” and you will get an automated confirmation on arrival by e-mail.
    The allowed advance ordering quantity is 3 pcs/person.

    The advance order sheet does not contain the delivery costs and the price of each item can be regarded as indicative one only. We keep the right to change the price before the issue of the relevant item.

    After choosing the needed items, you can mark the preferred way of delivery , which can be receipt in person at our coinshop or delivered (depending on destination, you can choose cash on delivery, delivery by mail or by courire service).
    The automated confirmation sent you by e-mail confirms only the arrival of your advance order into our system and might not be considered as a fix order confirmation. We keep the right to limit and to reduce the advance ordered quantity in case of over-booking of a certain issue. As delivery costs depend on the total value of an order to be delivered, advance order confirmation won’t contain the freight. You can refer to „Help” of our website to get information on possible delivery costs.

    Before the issuing date, you will receive an e-mail informing you on the date of issue, the final price of the advance ordered items, the exact freight of the required way of delivery and the quantity which will be ensured for you.

  3. How are advance orders confirmed?

    We confirm only the receipt of your advance order into our system. This confirmation is sent out by an automated e-mail. As any details of a certain issuing programme can be changed before the issuing, nor the advance orders , nor their confirmations can’t be  regarded as fix binding ones.

  4. Why can I not find the advance order sheet on the website?

    The advance order sheet is available only for the period allowed for ordering. Once the items are booked or the advance ordering has been finished, the sheet will be removed of the website. If you would like to modify your advance order, you can do it by sending a written request either by e-mail to or by fax +36-1-210-4848 or by mail (Hungarian Mint, H-1734 Budapet, POB 518.)
    Please refer to your advance order number when modifying.

    Nevertheless, the issuing programme of the new coins can be checked continuously under „Up-to-date topics”.

  5. Will my advance order be fulfilled completely?

    The Magyar Nemzeti Bank as issuing authority of the collector coin keeps the right to change any details of the issuing programme. As advance orders can arrive online and by mail or in person, overbooking can occure. For this case, we keep the right to limit or reduce the quantity to be ensured for advance orderers. The acceptance of the advance orders can be known from our e-mail sent you just before the issuing date informing on the details of the fulfilment.

  6. Will advance orderers be informed on the issuing time of each issues separately?

    Only advance orderers operating online and giving their e-mail address will be informed by an automated e-mail prior to the issuing date about the availability of the advance ordered item. Each item will be communicated separately. 

    Those ordering persons who have submitted their advance order in person or by mail won’t be informed separately. Information may be obtained either by calling us (+36-1/800-8110, +36-1/800-8112) or in person at our coin shop.

  7. What items have I booked?

    All items will be detailed in our automated e-mail confirming the arrival of the pre-order in our system. It is recommended to save or print a copy of it. Orderers in person shall wait the upload of their request into the system by our colleague at the coinshop. One copy will be submitted to the pre-orderer about the result of the data-input.

  8. Until what time can I pick up the advance ordered items?

    You are allowed to pick up your goods within one month after the issuing date. After expiry of this deadline the goods not taken over will be sold. The exact dates of issues can be obtained from our website, from our automated e-mails sent to online orderers, from the website of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank or from the Official Hungarian Bulletin.

  9. Can I submit advance order for those items which were not taken over during the one-month receipt period?

    No, after the closing the advance order period no further advance order possibilities will be offered. Not overtaken goods can be obtained from our sales chanels (webshop, coinshop).

  10. Can I change the place of receipt in person of my ordered items?

    No, as since 2009 we have only one coinshop, located at the Visitor Centre of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank (address: 7 Báthory street, Budapest, H-1054; opening hours: Mo-Fri 9-15:30h, except Thu 9-17:30h).

Questions related to online bidding

  1. How does an online auction work?

    The list of the online auctions can be found at the „Auctions” menu of the homepage. You can find here all the running and/or already finished online auctions, launched within the last two months. The basic info about the auctions is listed on the Auctions page. Please click on „Auction Details” to see the detailed information about a specific running auction. The page you'll see next is the individual auction's page. You can find a short introduction, and the Bidding-box at the right. You can place your bid after logging in, by clicking on the „I place my bid” button. You will be notified about your succesful bid by a note apprearing on your screen. In case of someone is overbidding you, you will be notified about it in a separate e-mail, in order to help you place a new bid. If you are the highest bidder, a notification can be seen on your screen about this fact. At the end of the auction, the auction system checks the bids automatically, and will inform the highest bidder about his winning by e-mail. The highest bidder will be requested in this e-mail to click on a link to set his preferred way of payment and way of receiving the bidded item. Upon the highest bidder’s confirmation through the link mentioned above, the highest bidder will be contacted by the Trading department of the Mint in order to finish the relevant steps and to fulfill the purchase by auction.

  2. I’m the successful bidder. What happens if I fail to confirm my highest bid within 3 days?

    Bidders are obliged to their bid at the auction, which obligation ends only being overbidden. When your last bid proven to be the highest one at the end of the auction, you will be bound to purchase the bidded item. In case you fail to confirm your bid by setting the preferred way of payment and of delivery within 3 days, or you fail to pay the hammer price, We we reserve the right to be recompensated according to the regulations of the Hungarian Civil Code concerning breach of contract. Of course, you can’t take over the goods until the countervalue hasn’t been paid by you.

  3. At the auction site I saw different bid amount to that I was notified as winning bidder. Why?

    When you are logged on the site of an auction – like in case of each other websites – several other users may participate on the same auction parallelly with you at the same time. This might result, that if somebody clicks on the „I place my bid” button just a little bit earlier than you, your bid – when you click on the button – will be automatically calculated after this earlier bid already accepted by the auction system but not shown yet. Unfortunately, the internet technology does not make possible yet to show the fully real time history, therefore we suggest you to always refresh the site of the auction right before you intend to place a new bid.

    As a help, we show you the loading timestamp of the site from our server. If this timestamp was earlier than 10-30 sec, it is recommended to refresh the page before you place a new bid. The auction page also refreshes in every 30 seconds automatically.

  4. What shall I do if I don't get any mails from you?

    Your auctions - former and running alike - can be viewed at "My previous auctions" page. You'll find here all auctions you've been participating at and their current stage. If you are a winner of an auction, you'll find the very same link that was sent to you by us, so you can finalise your auction by selecting your preferred way of shipping and payment from here, as well. Your ongoing auctions can be also reached directly from this page.

  5. What are bidding terms?

    Only registered users are allowed to place a bid, according to the bidding terms detailed in our General Terms of Service. By clickin on the „I place by bid” button, a contract will be concluded between you, as a bidder and the Hungarian Mint. Please consult our GTS for all terms.

We are the official distributor of Hungarian collector coins and medals and also the mint of the legal tender of Hungary.