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To access the list of online auctions announced by the Hungarian Mint Ltd. (hereinafter: the Company), click on the 'AUCTIONS' menu at the homepage. The list contains all the auctions announced by the Company, with the most recent auction placed at the top.

Items announced for auctions are either remainders, sold in a few number of copies, special, valuable items, or a selection of certain products, thematical collections.

Only registered customers can participate in auctions. The bidder can see the gross starting price of the items on auction in either HUF or EUR, according to the delivery address given at the registration. The Registration page can be accessed from here. Customers already registered do not have to register once again to bid. With the closure of an auction, details of the highest bidder will be used automatically. If there is a need of changing personal details given at registration, it can be done at the 'Personal data "submenu after logging in.

The main details of the auctions, such as the start and end of the auction, the starting price, the increment, the last bidding, can be seen in the list of auctions. In case of closed auctions, the last bid equals the hammer price.

The page of an ongoing auction can be viewed by clicking on the 'Auction Details'. Pages of auctions are not be accessible after the end of the auction.

Products can be viewed in person at the Coin Shop during auctions.

At the pages of the auctions the details and the picture of the item(s) on auction are presented. In the bidding box the closing date of the auction (, hour:minute:second), the starting price and the increment are noted. The bidding can also be followed here, such as the number of bids already placed, the number of participants in the auction, or the sum of the last bidding. Since in a given moment more than one customers may bid, and in the bidding box only the last bid can be seen, refreshing the page is advisable before placing a bid again.

Bids can be placed until the closing date given on the page. Bids can be placed by clicking on the 'I place my bid!' button. The bidder will be notified about the successfuly placed bid by a note appearing on the screen. In case of being overbidden, the bidder is notified in email so that he may place another bid again.

The highest bidder of the online auction is bound to purchase the item in question, as long as he is not overbidden or the auction is not closed. At the end of the auction a contract is going to be concluded automatically between the highest bidder (as the successful bidder) and the Hungarian Mint. The successful bidder has to buy the product at the hammer price. After closing the auction the highest bidder receives a notification via email, which contains a link to a page where he may set the payment and delivery methods.

If the highest bidder does not set the payment and delivery methods preferred until the deadline named in the email, or does not pay the hammer price of the product won, the regulations of the Hungarian Civil Code concerning breach of contract may be applied.

The method of delivery can be

  • picking up in person with paying in cash or by using a bank card,
  • delivery by post or by courier service.

Picking up in person is available no sooner that on the first workday from setting the delivery and payment methods. Pickup is available in our Coin Shop: 7 Báthory street, Budapest, H-1054; open Mon-Fri: 9am.- 3:30pm., Thur: 9am.-5:30 pm. Deadline of takeover: the third workday from setting the delivery and payment methods. Goods can be taken over against payment in cash or by bank card.

In case of choosing delivery, prepayment by banking transfer or by cash on delivery are the available payment methods.
In case of submitting a delivery address outside Hungary, prepayment by banking transfer is the only available payment method. The delivery is made via mail.

The Company sends the details needed to fulfill the banking transfer (hammer price, delivery costs, bank account details) to the highest bidder within two workdays from the closing of the auction, with a request for payment in advance. Delivery may take place after the payment is passed to the account of the Company, on Thursday following the receival of payment being the soonest delivery date.

Cash on delivery is available when receiving items via mail, the posting of the products may take place no sooner than the next Thursday after setting the delivery and payment methods by the highest bidder.

After receiving the delivery and payment methods set by the highest bidder, the Company contacts the highest bidder in email or on phone in order to set further details.

Further information on the costs of delivery can be accessed here.

Further information on online auctions can be accessed at the General Contract Terms (GCT). The GTC can be accessed here.

We are the official distributor of Hungarian collector coins and medals and also the mint of the legal tender of Hungary.