Thousand years of coinage in Hungary

The history of the Hungarian Mint is closely intertwined with the 1000-year traditions of Hungarian coinage, which first began with the minting of the silver denar under Hungary's first king, St. Stephen, in 1001.
In the middle of the 13th century, the monetary reforms of King Robert Charles of Anjou saw the establishment of several minting chambers, the most important of which was founded in Körmöcbánya (Kremnitz, now Kremnica in Slovakia) in 1328. This mint, the direct predecessor of today's Hungarian Mint, became world famous for the quantity and quality of the gold coins it produced.
After World War I, the Körmöcbánya mint was dismantled and transported to Budapest, where it was reestablished as the Hungarian Royal Mint in 1925.

Minting plant

Friction workshop


The Hungarian Mint today

Following the end of the pengő currency after the end of World War II, the mint continued to operate under the name "Hungarian State Mint" and struck forint coins.
In 1992, the Mint was transformed into a company limited by shares. Initially, the National Bank of Hungary (NBH) held a majority interest, and since 1998 the NBH has been the sole owner. The company has had international quality management certification since 1996. In 2001 MNB Érmekereskedelmi Rt. (NBH Coin Trading Ltd) was merged into the company.
The primary activity of the Hungarian Mint Ltd is the production of high-quality coins and medals, continuing the long-standing Hungarian traditions of excellence in this field.
The Mint produces the coins required by the National Bank of Hungary for the smooth execution of payments and issue, and also manufactures commemorative coins.
The Hungarian Mint is dedicated to maintaining Hungary's traditions in the field of minting, which span a period of one thousand years and also produces commemorative medals highlighting Hungarian history and culture, as its own issues.
With orders from both Hungary and abroad, the Mint manufactures large quantities of circulation and commemorative coins, as well as medals and similar products. The  exceptional quality of the products is ensured by the Mint's highly experienced experts and the state-of-the-art technology and equipment it uses, as is reflected in the Mint's outstanding international success, awards and reputation.
The Company moved to the new Cash Logistic Centre of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank in 2008. Our Coin Shop and the Trading Department is located at 7 Báthory street, Budapest, H-1054.

The internationally awarded coins are:

1988 - "Best historical coin":
Silver collector coin devoted to the 950th anniversary of death of our first king St. Stephen, face value 500 HUF

(Minted to the order of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Central Bank of Hungary)
Designer: Ferenc Lebó
1988 - "Best crownsize coin":
Silver collector coin issued to the 25th anniversary of foundation of the World Wildlife Found, face value 500 HUF

(Minted to the order of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Central Bank of Hungary)
Designer: Mihály Fritz
1988 - "The most innovative coin": Silver 50 Leke collector coin
(Minted to the order of the Central Bank of Albania)
Designer: György Bognár
2006 - "The coin of the year" in People's choice category:
50 forint commemorative coin devoted to the 50th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and War of Independence

(Minted to the order of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Central Bank of Hungary)
Designer: obverse István Bartos, reverse István Kósa

The Hungarian Mint offers the following products and services to its clients:

  • Specially-designed precious and base metal commemorative medals for anniversaries and other special occasions
  • Struck metal products such as tokens, chips and pendants
  • Special engraving work and custom hand engraving
  • Tool production: tools for cold forming and cold pressing up to 2,500 tons, vacuum heat treatment of machine steels

Besides the sales of its own products - commemorative medals for special occasions - the Hungarian Mint is exclusively authorized by the Hungarian National Bank to distribute the commemorative coins and legal tender coin sets of the forint currency system worldwide.

We are the official distributor of Hungarian collector coins and medals and also the mint of the legal tender of Hungary.