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Replica of the first denar of King St.Stephen

Replica of the first denar of King St.Stephen

Price: 2.5 €
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Material: CuE
Diameter: 23 mm
Weight: 3,50 g

"LANCEA REGIS" - By the first Hungarian silver coin

This replica was made upon the first silver denars struck under the reign of King St. Stephen, first king of Hungary. He let struck the first coins right after his coronation.

40 pieces of the original silver denars were found in 1968 in Nagyharsány (South Hungary, near Pécs). One piece of them was borrowed by the Hungarian National Museum to the Mint as a specimen to the production of the replicas. We struck our official mintmark BP. on the medal as an authentication. The mintmark has been placed on the side showing a hand holding a lace, within the legend "LANCEA REGIS" (the lance of the king). The other side of the coin depicts a church, inscripted by "REGIA CIVITAS" (royal city).

The replica coin is minted in the same diameter, but in different weight as the original one, of tinplated base metal (CuZn37) with patinating.

The original denar was also restriked by the Hungarian Mint as an official restrike piece marked with mintmark. See details of it here.

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