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Wooden medal

Wooden box for Budapest-medals 13x42,5mm

Wooden box 1012, 3x49,5mm

Wooden medal with key-ring

Wooden medal with key-ring

Price: 2.49 €
Quality: --
Material: körtefa / pearwood
Diameter: 42,5 mm
Weight: 3,4 g

Unique medal struck of pearwood. The obverse depicts a tree, the trunk of which forms a 1 "Fabatka" symbolic denomination, designed by Tamás E. Soltra. The reverse shows the logo of the Hungarian Mint. The "1 Fabatka" symbolic denomation refers to ancient small change used in the 16th century in Silezia called "batka". This wooden version might be a lucky mascot held in your pocket. It is slightly varnished against humidity. The wooden medals are struck the same way and on the same minting machines used for striking precious metal coins and medals.

Without packaging.

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