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Locomotives 8 medal + collector box

Locomotive type of: 301 Tender locomotive

Locomotive type of: 424 Universal tender...

Locomotive type of: V40 Kando Multiphase system electric locomotive

Locomotive type of: V40 Kando Multiphase system electric locomotive

Price: 16.5 €
Quality: --
Material: CuZn10
Diameter: 42,5 mm
Weight: 30,5 g

Kálmán Kandó realized the electrification of several western European railways and also built the V40 which traveled regularly from Budapest to Hegyeshalom starting in August of 1932.

The medal is 42,5 g in diameter, made with bronze patina, with a BP. mint mark on it. It comes in a pop-out  blister and has a designer mark  on both sides. When you buy the whole series you receive the last, 8th medal and collector's box free.

The 8 medals, along with the collector's box may be purchased here:

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