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Mint-master's marks medal

Mint-master's marks medal

Price: 15.9 €
Quality: --
Material: CuE
Diameter: 42,5 mm
Weight: 31,6 g

Mint-master's marks medal - Silver-plated base metal medal with magnifying glass
ring CuE silverplated UNC

The silver-plated base metal ring of the medal holds a triple zoomed magnifying glass lens. The lens was encased with the minting process. The medal depicts 13 different mint-master's marks of three Hungarian historical mints: Nagybánya ( Neustadt, Maia Mare, today Romania), Nagyszeben (Hermannstadt, Sibiu, today Romania), Körmöcbánya (Kremnica, today Slovakia). The mintmark/mint-master's mark system of the Hungarian coinage gave information both on the name of the city hosting the mint and on the name of the count of the chamber (Latine comes, Hungarian ispán) responsible for the coin minting. The marks might include both letters and coat-of-arms. This Mint-master's marks medal also presents the logo and mintmark of the actually operating Hungarian Mint Ltd. On the reverse of the medal a short summary of the thousand years old Hungarian coinage can be read in Hungarian and English, struck with small lettering.

Similar medal with magnifying glass, called Numismatist  can be found here.

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