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2015. Kőszeg Castle 10000 Ft PP

2016.The Castle of Szigetvár (BU)

István Adamovszky memorial coin

2015 Kőszeg Castle 2000 Ft BU

2015 Kőszeg Castle 2000 Ft BU

Price: 13.5 €
Gift box price: 3.5 €
Denomination: 2000
Quality: BU
Date of Issue: 2015.06.30.
Material: Cu75Ni25
Issue limit: 5000 pcs
Diameter: 38.61 mm
Weight: 30,8 g

Hungarian castles, series VI.
Edge: milled

The Jurisics Castle, located in the town of Kőszeg, marks the spot where Suleiman the Magnificent and his Turkish army were brought to a halt in 1532, thanks to the brave defence of the castle by the Croatian captain Miklós Jurisich and his men. Continuing its series “Hungarian Castles”, which already includes Visegrád (2004), Diósgyőr (2005), Munkács (2006), Gyula (2007) and Siklós (2008), the Magyar Nemzeti Bank now adds a new 10,000-Ft silver coin and a 2,000-Ft base metal collector coin commemorating the Jurisics Castle in Kőszeg. Designed by Gábor Kereszthury, the front features a portrait of Miklós Jurisics, with the reverse of the coin showing a perspective of the side of the castle. Today, it is a historical memorial site. The base metal coin is sold at its face value. The 10,000-forint silver (Ag .925) version of the Kőszeg castle coin can be found here.

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2016.The Castle of Szigetvár (BU)

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