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The Gold Florin of Charles I (1301-1342)...

2016 Gold Florin of Sigismund of Luxemburg, UNC

2016 Gold Florin of Sigismund, brass, BU

2016 Gold Florin of Sigismund, piedfort UNC

2016 Gold Florin of Sigismund, piedfort UNC

Price: 940 €
Gift box price: 3.5 €
Denomination: 50000HUF
Quality: VF
Date of Issue: 2016.07.14.
Material: Au
Fineness: .986
Issue limit: 500 pcs
Diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 13.964 g

The quadruple weight piedfort version of the gold collector coin "The golden florin of Sigismund" issued in 2016. The front of the coin depicts the coat of arms of Sigismund’s first type of gold forint, as designed by sculptor Tamás E. Soltra. The back depicts Saint Ladislaus holding a battle-axe in his right hand and the orb in his left hand, with the letters M–O by his sides, the mark of Buda Chamberlain Mikes Jemnisti, and the number 13 between the legs of the saint. The piedfort version has the legend at its edge “† SIGISMVNDI ∙ D ∙ G ∙ R ∙ VNGARIE” (Sigismund, by the Grace of God King of Hungary). Besides the HUF 50,000 one ducat weight gold, a HUF 2,000 brass version has also been issued, with the same design.

The brass version of the 2016 Gold Florin of Sigismund of Luxemburg coin (BU quality, face value 2,000 forint) can be ordered here. The HUF 50,000 one ducat weight gold coin "The golden florint of Sigismund" can be ordered here.

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