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Proof mint set including the base metal 1000 forint coin

Proof mint set including the base metal 1000 forint coin "Stars of Eger"

Price: 15 €
Date of Issue: 2013.08.05.
Issue limit: 4000 pcs

5-10-20-50-100-200 forint circulation coins with yeardate 2013 in proof quality plus the 1000 forint proof base metal collector coin "The Stars of Eger"issued by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank, Central Bank of Hungary in 2013. The 2013-year circulation coins bear the new inscription of our country "MAGYARORSZÁG". The set is a reliable source of all denominations of the actually circulating forint coins in uncirculated condition, struck with mirror finished surface.(The two largest denominations won't be in circulation with yeardate 2013, as no pieces are minted for such purposes.)

The packaging of the sets was designed by Tamás Tőkés, who used parts of the famous work "The Women of Eger" of Bertalan Székely for illustration (authorized by Hungarian National Gallery).

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