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2016. XXXI. Summer Olympic Games

2016. XXXI. Summer Olympic Games (BU)

2012. XXX Summer Olympic Games, Proof

2016. XXXI. Summer Olympic Games (PP)

2016. XXXI. Summer Olympic Games (PP)

Price: 48 €
Gift box price: 3.5 €
Denomination: 10000
Quality: Proof
Date of Issue: 2016.04.27.
Material: Ag
Fineness: .925
Issue limit: 5000 pcs
Diameter: 37 mm
Weight: 24 g

The Magyar Nemzeti Bank joined the international programme of Olympic coins in 1980 and has issued collector coins for every Summer Olympics since 1984. In keeping with this tradition, it is issuing coins to honour the XXXI Summer Olympic Games in Rio, designed by graphic artist Andrea Horváth, in three denominations, made of three materials. Each of the versions features the logo of the Hungarian Olympic Team and the emblem of the Hungarian Olympic Committee incorporating the number 168, in reference to the gold medals won by Hungarian Olympians. A female gymnast is depicted on the coins, and the silver and non-ferrous versions also show six key sports: gymnastics, fencing, swimming, kayaking and canoeing, wrestling and water polo.

The HUF 2000 base metal coin can be seen here.

The HUF 5000 gold coin can be seen here.

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