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1945 5 Pengő restrike series Al+Ag

1945 5 Pengő restrike series Al+Ag

Price: 93.37 €
Quality: --
Material: Ag
Fineness: .999
Issue limit: 250 pcs

5 Pengő fine silver marked restrike+Al 5 pengő coin with yeardate 1945
The designer of the 1945 original coin is István Iván. The silver restrike is marked by the hallmark of the Hungarian Mint ")999" ("half-moon" and 999) and was minted in 2011. This fine silver restrike is available together with an Al 5 pengő coin with yeardate 1945. Both coins were struck by use of the original minting tools, however, the minting year of the Al coin is unknown. Probably it is an unmarked restrike struck to the order of the former state-owned Hungarian trading company named Artex in the early 70s. Only in a common etuis available, certificate enclosed. Max. mintage of the set: 250 pcs

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