Information on Data Protection

The Hungarian Mint Ltd (Magyar Pénzverő Zrt., hereinafter the Company or Data Controller) deems it very important to ensure compliance with the constitutional principles and data protection requirements related to personal data which it controls and to prevent improper access to, alteration of and unauthorised dissemination of such personal data.
We control the personal data of our clients and users of the Company’s Website (hereinafter User or Data Subject) on the basis of the voluntary authorisation of said users or clients.
In addition to the voluntary subscription to our Newsletter, we also offer the option of cancelling such subscription.
We do not provide the personal data of Users to third parties, unless so authorised by the User or the provision of the data is required by law.
We do not control the data of children; we request the consent or retroactive approval of the legal representative for the legal declaration containing the authorisation of Users who are minors older than the age of 16.

We do not control any special personal data, such as data on racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or secular beliefs, or union membership, or personal genetic or biometric data used for the individual identification of natural persons, or any health-related or sexual orientation data.
We provide Users with the opportunity to access and amend the personal data stored on them, including requests for erasure from the database.
We ensure the proper protection of personal data with IT-security, administrative and physical means, and we enforce the same expectations in relation to processors of personal data commissioned by the Company.

We collect the invoices created in the course of selling goods and services on the basis of the accounting laws in force and the provisions of the law on the prevention and deterrence of money laundering and terrorism financing. The client identification data obtained by the Company is collected on the basis of the prevailing laws on the prevention of money laundering.

1. Legal basis for data management

The legal basis for management of the data provided via this site is the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679, “GDPR”) and Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on the Freedom of Information.

  • In the course of data management, it is necessary to ensure the accuracy, completeness and – insofar as required for the data processing objective – the timeliness of the data, and to ensure that the Data Subject can only be identified during the period of time necessary to meet the data management objective.

  • Personal data can only be managed if the Data Subject consents or if such processing is ordered, on the basis of a law stemming from public interest (hereinafter: mandatory data management).

  • Personal data may also be managed if obtaining the consent of the Data Subject is not possible or would involve disproportionate expenses and management of the personal data is necessary for discharging the Data Controller’s legal obligations, or necessary for enforcing the justified interests of the Data Controller or third parties, and enforcement of said interests are proportionate to the limitation of the rights to the protection of personal data. If the Data Subject is unable to consent, due to incapacitation or other unavoidable cause, the personal data of the Data Subject may be managed for the period when the provision of consent is obstructed, to the extent necessary to protect the vital interests of the subject or other persons or to eliminate or prevent direct danger to the life, physical integrity or the material goods of the persons.

2. Name and contact information of the data manager

Magyar Pénzverő Zrt.
Company registration no: 01-10-041952
Court of registry: Commercial Court of the Municipal Court of Budapest
Registered office: 1239 Budapest, Európa út 1.
Telephone: +36-1-210-4446, Fax: +36-1-210-4448

3. Names and contact information of the data processors Bt.
Company registration no: 01-06-410 688
Court of registry: Commercial Court of the Municipal Court of Budapest
Registered office: 1211 Budapest, Petz Ferenc utca 10.
Telephone: +36 (30) 747 8239

Services provided by the data processor:

The data processor provides the interface necessary for the processing of the User’s orders for goods and services, the execution of purchases, the recording of advance order requests, provides the software to dispatch of the newsletter issued by the Company and administers the aforementioned sites.

K&HBank Zrt.
Company registration no: 01-10-041043
Court of registry: Commercial Court of the Regional Court of Budapest
Registered office: 1095 Budapest, Lechner Ödön fasor 9.
Telephone: +36 (1) 328 9000
Services provided by the data processor: online bankcard acceptance services necessary for payment for the products ordered on the Company’s sites.

The Company has no access to the User’s bankcard data and does not perform any data management in this regard.

Fáma First Kft.
Company registration no: 01-09-929804
Court of registry: Commercial Court of the Municipal Court of Budapest
Registered office: 1194 Budapest, Viola u. 38.
Telephone: +36 (20) 524 4777

The data processor manages the User’s name, and the telephone number and delivery address necessary for delivery of the product ordered by the User, in the interests of delivering the product ordered by the User.

Magyar Posta Zrt., as the postal service provider
Company registration no: 01-10-042463
Court of registry: Commercial Court of the Municipal Court of Budapest
Registered office: 1138 Budapest, Dunavirág utca 2-6.
Telephone: +36 (1) 767 8282

The data processor manages the User’s name, and the telephone number and delivery address necessary for delivery of the product ordered by the User, in the interests of delivering the product ordered by the User. 

Petrocelli Reklámügynökség Kft.
Company registration no: 01-09-284145
Court of registry: Commercial Court of the Municipal Court of Budapest
Registered office: 1021 Budapest, Budakeszi út 3.
Telephone: +36 (70) 77 66 77 5

The data processor manages the online prize games announced by the Company, coin design tender bids and the Company’s social media pages.

4. Scope of data subjects

The data management pertains exclusively to natural or legal persons or the representatives of organisations without legal personality, who voluntarily register for the newsletter service using the Company’s site, or who voluntarily provide their data for the purposes of ordering, purchasing or advance ordering, or voluntarily participate in online prize games or calls for tenders.

5. Data management scope

  1. In relation to operation of the Webshop
    For orders and purchases: name, address, e-mail address, and – depending on consent – telephone number. Users may register for the page using their e-mail addresses. Following registration, they identify themselves with a username and password. Using the menu point “Data amendment”, Users always have the ability to change their username, password and personal data.

    If personalised coin engraving or photoengraving services are ordered, by sending the image to be used for photoengraving and the text to be engraved, the User authorises the Company to use such data. The images and texts are immediately erased following receipt of the coin by the ordering party.

  2. For advance orders: name, address and e-mail address, and – depending on consent – telephone number. Data can be amended using the registration module on the Webpage.

  3. For using the newsletter service: name, address and e-mail address. Subscription to the Newsletter is voluntary; using the menu point “Data amendment” in the registration module on the Webpage, Users can subscribe to the Newsletter and can cancel their subscription using the menu point “Unsubscribe from the Newsletter” which appears at the bottom of the Newsletter.

  4. For prize games or calls for tenders on social media pages or webpages: name, e-mail address, delivery address for winners, identifier suitable for identifying the community.

  5. User identification based on the Prevention and Deterrence of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. In this case, the scope of Users involved is Users who purchase precious metals; the scope of the personal data used for identification is determined by the provisions of the law in force.

6. Objective of data management

For orders, purchases and advance orders as set forth in Points 5 a) and b), the objective of data management is to simplify customer relations between the Data Controller and Data Subjects, and to ensure the ability to perform contracts concluded between these parties.
The objective of data management in respect of Point 5 c) is the provision of information on new products, special offers, changes in data, etc.; in respect of Point 5 d), it is necessary to be able to conduct the game or call for tenders.
 In respect of Point 5 e), data management is mandatory and prescribed by law.

7. Term of data management

Data management shall continue until the User requests that the Data Controller erase the data.
Data management based on legal regulations lasts for the period of time prescribed by the legal regulation in question.
Erasure of the data on purchasers on the Webpage, advance ordering parties and Newsletter subscribers can occur in the following manner:

  • erasure of the registration can be requested by the User in an e-mail to the website admin (details above);
  • newsletter subscriptions can be withdrawn by the User by unsubscribing from the Company’s Newsletter (using the link in the e-mail or within the User's Profile).

In accordance with the prevailing requirements of the accounting laws, the invoices for the sale of the products ordered and purchased by the User are managed and archived by the Company for 8 years from the date of invoice.
Based on the law in force, User identification data obtained for the purpose of preventing money laundering and terrorism is stored for 8 years from the date of identification.
With regard to deliveries, the term of data management lasts until the delivery of the purchased/ordered product, for cash-on-delivery purchases, until settlement of the cash-on-delivery amount.

In relation to tenders and games, the term of data management for the data managed by the Company lasts until the end of the tender or game and announcement of a winner by the Company.

8. Method of data management

Data on the purchases in the Webshop and parties ordering the production of personalised coins are stored in the database of the Company’s enterprise management system. The second copy of the documents on the purchase (invoices) are stored in accordance with the laws in force.
We do not forward the data provided by Users to third persons; such data may only be used by the Data Controller and the data processors, and in respect of orders, purchases and advance orders by the service provider selected by the ordering or advance ordering party for delivery, to the extent necessary for the performance of the contract (name, address). This restriction shall not apply to data provision permitted or required by law.

The data of participants in tenders and online games are stored on the Webpage created for the announcement of the tender or game and are erased upon completion of the tender. The data from tenders is not provided to remarketing motors; we do not store such data in written form and do not provide the data to third parties.

For tenders with a voting option, the right to vote is linked to providing an e-mail address for registration. This registration is only used by the Company to prevent hacking of the online voting. During registration for voting, we do not request any names, telephone numbers or other data. Upon completion of the tender the registration data is erased; we do not use data for remarketing purposes.

9. Right and legal remedies of data subjects

You, as the User (Data Subject):

  • may request access to and information on (what data, why and how does the Company perform management as a Data Controller) your personal data; 
  • may request the correction of your personal data;
  • may request restriction of your personal data (for example, if you dispute the accuracy and request a review of these data, or if you believe that the Company’s data management violates the law, but oppose erasure of the data and instead request restriction of data management);
  • may request the erasure or blocking of your data in the case when data management is based on your authorisation or relates to the performance of a contract, thus in particular:
    • at your request, unless forbidden by law,
    • in the case of unlawful data management,
    • if the data are incorrect or incomplete, but cannot be legally corrected,
    • the purpose of the data management has ended, or the deadline set by law for the storage of the data has expired,
    • erasure or blocking is ordered by the court or data protection authority;
  • may request that data portability be ensured (you may receive the data stored by the Data Controller in machine-readable form, e.g. as a pdf or Word document);
  • may object to the management of your personal data, if management of the data is necessary for enforcing the Data Controller’s justified interests, e.g. direct acquisition of business. In this case, we may no longer manage the data, unless there are other binding legal reasons which take precedence over your interests and rights, or which are related to the enforcement of legal claims or protection;
  • may file a complaint or seek remedy in court, in the event that your rights are violated.

In relation to the above

  • At your request, the Company shall provide information on the data which it manages and on the data processed by the data processor which it has commissioned, on the objective of data management, the legal grounds, the term of data management, the name, address and data management-related activity of the data processor, as well as who receive or have received the data and for what purposes.
  • In the event of such a request by a User, the Company must provide this information in writing within 30 days; this may occur once annually free of charge, and in any further instances, for a fee of HUF 1,200.
  • In such cases, the Company shall review the objection within 15 days of the request being submitted and notify you of the results of such review in writing. If you do not agree with the results of the review, or if the Company misses the deadline, you may – within 30 days of notification or expiration of the deadline – seek remedy in the courts.

Applications for legal remedy and complaints may be submitted to the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority:
Name: National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority
Registered office: 1024 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.
Telephone: +36 (1) 391-1400

10. Use of cookies

  1. On the webpages,,, entry, browsing, exit, the purchasing process, proper functioning of the webpages, enhancement of users’ experience and the effective servicing of customers is aided by small data packets (cookies) which the webpage places on the users’ computers or other IT devices. The webpages also use Google Analytics cookies, with the help of which statistics on the usage habits of the visitors to the site can be prepared (for further information, please visit:,

  2. Data technically recorded during operation of the systems: the data on the users’ computers which are generated when the services are used and which the data manager’s system automatically record as a result of the technical processes. The system automatically logs the automatically recorded data upon users entering and exiting the site, without the separate consent or action of the user. These data do not include any personal data of the user. Only the data manager has access to these data.

  3. By using the webpage users accept that the data manager place cookies on their computers in the interests more personalised service. Users can delete the cookies from their computers or can set their browser to prohibit the use of cookies. If the use of cookies is prohibited or deleted, the users accept that the operation of the webpage is not fully functional without the use of the cookies.

On their own computers, Users can

  • accept
  • delete
  • set their browser to prohibit the use of cookies or to automatically delete them.

If the use of cookies is prohibited or deleted, the User accepts that the operation of the site is not fully functional without the use of the cookies, but after the cookies are deleted the site is still suitable for use.

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